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    Unscientific testing of speed - chip in please

    getho Level 1

      LR (2015.6)  took 5 hours to import & create smart previews and previews today for 757 D800 raw images (32GB card full = 29.6GB)


      thats 23 seconds per image.

      Out of curiosity I wanted to see where that time was going, So I timed - very roughly each step


      Import from CF card to disk - 0.3 seconds (30 seconds for 100 files)

      Open file from explorer into photoshop camera raw, manually apply my default process settings (yes this time includes switching to the presets tab, finding my default settings preset, applying, and clicking open in photoshop): 8 seconds.

      saving high quality jpeg to disk: <2 seconds.


      I don't know if this is anything like the process that lightroom actually does, and it might help us if we understood what it's actually doing that takes so long (but even saving as a DNG, with full size jpeg preview and the original RAW embedded - a 73MB file - only took 7 seconds.


      So worse case scenario - about 15 seconds per file, best case is surely 5 or so seconds. How come its 23? What is LR doing that takes so long?


      My system: i7 5820K @3.8 Ghz 64gb ram GTX970 (Cuda stuff switched off in LR), system & cache: samsung 850 evo, media drive 8x2gb raid 5.

      When I had an xeon x5650 @ 4ghz it was just as slow.



      What is YOUR import time per image to create smart previews and 1:1 previews?

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          Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee


          Are you able to reproduce the import issue every time you import?




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            Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

            getho wrote:


            What is YOUR import time per image to create smart previews and 1:1 previews?

            Importing 100 CR2s from a 5DIII (22mp) on my MacBook Pro (late 2013 edition), copying to an external hard drive, building both Smart and 1:1 Previews, took 3.85 seconds per image.


            On my venerable 6 year old Windows Desktop, first gen i7-930, the same process (but this time copying to an internal drive) took 5.6 seconds per image.


            But even allowing something extra for your larger files, 23 seconds per image is ridiculous and points to a bottleneck somewhere in your system.

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              Rahul S. Level 1

              Hi getho,


              That seems to be very high for sure. Can you share some additional information which will help in analysing this issue?


              - What size catalog were you importing the photos into?

              - Was the syncing to LR Mobile turned on?

              - Were there other operations like export/face tagging running? Had LR been running from a long time, do you recall any RAM usage numbers you might have seen?

              - Did you leave LR idle when the import session was taking place?

              - If you copy the files to your computer and then import using identical settings do you still see the same times?

              - I assume you were importing by generating 1:1 previews and also building smart previews? Also assuming you were copying the files to the 8x2GB RAID 5 disk setup instead of the SSD.



              Rahul S.