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    False Advertising of the Lightroom 6 standalone!


      The Lightroom 6 standalone was advertised as the same version you would get in the CC abo-version together with Photoshop.

      Since I didn't really need Photoshop for my use I decided to go with the standalone, because your false leading advertising told me I would get the same Lightroom!


      Now updates followed and I thought you might just delay some tools for the standalone version - which can't be explained with developing reasons in the first place, you just want everybody to pay monthly...

      But those delayed updates never came! I'm still waiting for the dehaze slider, the boundry warp in the Panorama Modul and now the new Upright lines!


      So we paid more in the begining and now we don't get what was promised.

      I'm honestly really disappointed how you treat your customers of the standalone!