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    Lightroom, tethered shooting and Canon 350D Digital




      I'm a jewellery designer and I'm looking to take some photos of my work.


      I want to tether my Canon 350D Digital to Lightroom so I can easily see my shots on a large format without having to constantly plug and unplug my camera to my computer.


      I'm having real issues getting Lightroom to recognise that my camera is attached. I have checked that my camera is supported and the internet seems to suggest it is.


      Can anyone help me? My lack of camera and computer knowledge is making me want to throw it all out of the window! I cannot seem to find a step-by-step fool-proof set of instructions on how to connect the camera to the software. and have noticed on here that a lot of people just get directed to the trouble shooting page provided by Adobe but this hasn't helped me so far.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated. I've wasted the entire day messing about to no avail


      Thank you,