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    Can't upgrade Lightroom 6, Windows 10

    Arkayem Level 1

      I purchased, downloaded, and installed the upgrade from Lightroom 5.7 to Lightroom 6.0 on my Windows 10 laptop. It works properly, but it needs to be updated to the newest version.


      When I start Lightroom 6.0 and click Help, Update, Adobe Update Manager starts, and it looks like an update is available for 'Adobe Application Manager', Lightroom, and Photoshop Camera RAW. I click 'Update'. It starts downloading, and then says 'updating adobe application manager'. It acts like it completes the update, and then it stops and returns to Lightroom. It does not download the updates for LR or Camera Raw.


      If I click Help, Updates in Lightroom a second time nothing happens; nothing!


      I cannot find any way to make it update LR or Camera RAW.