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    Can't Open JPEGs in Camera Raw (even though preferences are set to do this)


      Hi, I was moving along quite nicely in a workflow that involved scanning images as jpegs, opening them in camera raw, making adjustments, and saving. Suddenly, the jpegs will not open in camera raw but open only directly into Photoshop. I checked all settings (both Bridge and Photoshop preferences are set properly to open jpegs and tiffs in camera raw). I also then installed the latest updates for Photoshop CC 2015, Bridge CC, and even installed the latest Camera Raw plugin (I think it is 9.6). But none of this works. The camera raw button in bridge is greyed out in Bridge, and if jpegs are dragged into Photoshop, they go directly into Photoshop and won't open in Camera Raw. However, raw files DO open in camera raw from both Bridge and Photoshop. Anyone have thoughts? Many thanks in advance for your help.