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    Adobe Indesign 2015 (2) (newest Cloud Update) won't open on Windows 10


      I did some cleaning of my internal memory, which included uninstalling Microsoft Visual Studios and some zip-data of fonts. Every other program of my cloud works though, just InDesign doesn't.

      Screenshot (1293).png

      this is what it says

      I tried

      shutting down the computer several times

      Reistalling InDesign and updating all programs

      Adding the DLL data from a zip, which was supposed to help

      the automatic Debug, which did nothing at all



      I am really angry about this because I need InDesign right now. My Semester Finals are getting closer, and I always paid everything. I couldn't find a support hotline. I am basically a victim of the problems Windows 10 and Adobe create together.


      Please help me!