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    Lightroom CC slow - using over 11GB RAM

    dcoz Level 1

      I know there are lots of threads about LR CC running slow but mine is connected with a large usage of RAM.  Once it gets over 10GB of RAM, it crawls.  A restart of Lightroom (not the PC) fixes it - the starting memory usage is about 2GB but it soon grows to over 10GB and slows again.


      I have had the same PC config for a long time and it's never been this slow.


      LR CC version is 2015.6.

      PC uses an i7-4770K, 3.5Ghz

      32GB RAM, Cache disk is a 120GB SSD.  Plenty of file space.


      I process RAW files from a Canon 5D Mark III so about 20MB/image.


      Task Manager shows nothing else of any consequence running or using CPU.


      Any suggestions?  Is the RAM usage a bug/leak or normal operation?

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi dcoz,


          Turn off the Graphics Processor from the Lightroom preferences.


          Open Lightroom

          Go to Lightroom Preferences from the Edit menu

          Click on Performance tab

          Uncheck the Graphics Processor

          Restart Lightroom


          Let us know if that helps.



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            dcoz Level 1

            Sorry, should have said it's the same whether the graphics processor is on or not.  The Graphics card is an AMD Radeon 5770 with 3 monitors running at 2560x1440.  The card is on the latest Windows 10 drivers but having said that they aren't releasing new drivers for this card any more.   Also, it's Windows 10, 64 bit and as far as I know fully patched.

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              dcoz Level 1

              I also started with a new catalog file.   I can see that if I scroll through the thumbnails in Develop at the bottom the memory climbs quite quickly in task manager, even if I dont do any editing - tlakes it up to about 6.5GB..

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                dcoz Level 1

                I tried minimising Lightroom for about 5 seconds then restoring - that fixes it for a short while.  At the same time I minimise it I watch the memory usage on Task Manager.  Memory usage is quite high when LR is running slow and then when I minimise LR the memory usage drops after a few seconds. When I restore it runs OK for a while until the memory creeps back up again.  Looks like some kind of a memory leakage issue. Quite repeatable for me..