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    Indesign problem important issue with XML import

    bertrav Level 1

      Dear all,


      I have 20 nodes in an xml files, they are all different.

      I created two master template pages side by side.

      I copy pasted the structure 20 x

      I added 20 pages for the items.

      It all seems in order for the import of my XML file.


      However, the import adds the first two nodes and then just multiplies these two nodes repetively down all 20 pages.

      Oddly, the stucture is different, here the import is sucessful.

      It leads me to beleive that the import is taking precedence to fill the MASTER pages and consequently can't find the created pages in my file (my 20 documents). 

      So how do I get the xml import to add the content onto the pages without repetition of the first two.


      thanks, Elisabeth New

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          bertrav Level 1

          So...after nearly two weeks. No answers, I have requested support, been waiting the same time for an answer.

          Adobe keeps promising to call back with a solution but they don't. I'm still waiting, probably being ignored. I'm chatting to an agent that keeps telling me to call back when a product specialist is available. So much for 7/7 24 hour support, obviously there is no product specialist when you need one. Begs the question if anybody who understands Indesign is actually at support. Promises, promises. I feel completely ignored and wondering why I am paying for this CC without support. Somehow I think Support think I am an amateur without any deadlines and clients I need to serve. Everyday costs money.   BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE