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    windows 10 app packaging




      I wasn't sure if this is phonegap / cordova issue or Visual Studio issue.


      So, here's the fairy tale.


      Now, I'm building windows 10 phone using phonegap.

      App is completed and published in iOS and Android (No problem).

      For Windows 10, I built app using 'phonegap build windows' command.

      Of course there was an error regarding 'You must specify cpu type' and such.

      However as we all know, it doesn't mean that the build had been failed . 


      I used visual studio 2015 Enterprise to open the app project.

      Since I don't want windows 8.1, I 'unloaded' windows 8.1 phone and desktop.

      Then changed settings to 'release' 'arm' 'device' and started to build.

      Build succeeded.

      Deploy to the device, succeeded.

      App is running awesome in Lumia 650 device.


      Now, started to package the app.

      After all steps, upload file has been created.

      Then I uploaded the file in the dashboard.


      Time passed and when I checked and downloaded my app on the app store,

      It doesn't run properly.

      It shows the splash screen then...nothing. Just a white screen.


      Does anyone has an idea what's going on here? 

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          shotts@adobe Adobe Employee

          A white screen typically means a JavaScript error has prevented your app from finishing startup. There are lots of reasons why it could be failing, but it's difficult to say for sure without seeing any code and debugging messages. You might need to add in some (internal, at least) logging so that you can see what's happening while the app is launching. If you build a local release build again, does it still work on your device, or is this specific to the packaged build? (It's possible something has changed and your local release build also no longer works, which would be easier to debug.)

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            hoonk93096906 Level 1

            Thank you for you reply.


            Unfortunately, the code is too long and I don't know what to show you.

            By the way, with debug running, it gets no error.

            I don't understand because it works great when tested on the device.

            Is it possible that app causes errors after being a package?

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              shotts@adobe Adobe Employee

              Well, anything is possible, but just being packaged shouldn't usually cause an app to stop working. That said, I'm not familiar enough with the Windows packaging process to know for sure.


              Does your app startup depend on establishing a connection to a server? Perhaps a certificate issue is going on. I know Android debug builds and release builds vary greatly wrt how they handle SSL. Might be worth looking at.


              When you're testing on the device, are you testing a full release build? Then you're sending those exact bits on to the App store, where they start failing? Did you uninstall the app from your phone entirely before installing the app store version?