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    Camera Profiles & PS 13.0.1 on different WIN systems

    Doug Boufford Level 1

      I have PS 13.0.1 installed (& updated to most recent) on 2 computers - A - running WIN 8.1 and B - running WIN 7 - both with ACR 9.1.1


      I use 2 cameras - a Nikon D700 & a Nikon D3S


      On computer A in ACR - both cameras have numerous (but different) camera profiles - the D700 has multiples of the same profile - eg: Landscape & Landscape ver 4, while the D3S only has one version of each profile (NO ver 4)

      Q1 - how can I get these two to agree??


      On computer B (running WIN 7) - the D700 has several profiles (D2x; Landscape; Portrait; Vivid, etc) - ALL showing as ver 4 (the way it should be I presume). RAW shots from the D3S show NO camera profile choices - ONLY "MATRIX"

      Q2 - how can I correct this so that the D3S files have camera profile choices??