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    Can you help me get my ADE to reauthorise?

    stanor1 Level 1

      I changed from ADE 3.0 to the newer version and was no longer able to download books from Toronto Public library to my Kobo. TPL advised me to go back to 3.0, but then I couldn't even download to ADE. They told me to eraser authorization and reauthorize my ADE but I had forgotten my authorization ID so had to activate with no ID.  Got the message  - Unable to download. Error getting licence. Licence server communication problem.  E-LIC-ALREADY-FULFILLED-BY ANOTHER- USER. How do I correct this or how do I get back by original ID authorization? How do I get the ADE to authorize without an authorization ID, or better still, how do I get my original ID# back. Went to the Adobe Customer Care and they were unable to help me.