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    I need Buddy API help

      Hi ,

      I have a littel problem when i use unregister Buddy API Xtra after i made save for
      the project its didn`t work agin.:-

      baOpenfile ( the pathnae & "c:\XXX.vbs" , "Normal" )

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          > baOpenfile ( the pathnae & "c:\XXX.vbs" , "Normal" )

          There is a typo in 'pathnae'.
          I'm willing to bet that there is *no* file at 'the pathname & "c:\XXX.vbs"'
          More importantly, what is the error code returned by the baOpenFile()
          function? You should check the docs to see what the number means:
          OK = baOpenFile( _movie.path & "XXX.vbs" , "normal" )
          if OK < 32 then
          --error occurred:
          _player.alert( "Error opening file:" && string(OK) )
          end if
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            > baOpenfile ( the pathnae & "c:\XXX.vbs" , "Normal" )

            1st off, you misspelled "the pathname". You shouldn't actually use the
            pathname anymore, since it has been deprecated and replaced by "the

            Regardless, if you are supplying the path to the file (in your case
            c:\XXX.vbs"), then you would not want to add the pathname or the
            moviePath or anything else. Where is the file XXX.vbs located?

            If it is in the root of the c:\ drive, then the command should look like

            baOpenfile ( "c:\XXX.vbs" , "Normal" )

            If the file is in the same folder as the Director movie that is calling
            it, then you will want to use this:

            baOpenfile ( the moviePath& "XXX.vbs" , "Normal" )
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              ALHUBAIL Level 1
              Thanks ( baOpenfile ( "c:\XXX.vbs" , "Normal" ) ) its works :-)