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    Saving to local


      This is carolf1059440 again.  I am using a TABLET (HP 8, with Android OS), not a phone.  The Adobe version

      that is causing my problem is 16.1.1.  It does download internet files to my local directory, but it does not save them

      PERMANTLY to that location.  The files are removed from the local directory when I close the reader.  I need them to

      REMAIN in the local directory until I choose to delete them.  How do I do this?!

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi carolf10594440 ,


          Please follow the below steps and let us know if you face any issue.


          Let's assume we open a webpage and download a pdf.

          4 download.jpg



          After it finish the download , we went to Download folder and locate the file.


          2 download.jpg


          In this case , the file name is AISB08.pdf


          1 download.png


          We then tap the file and open it with Adobe Acrobat.


          5 download.png


          We open Adobe Acrobat ,read the contents of the file and we close the Acrobat.


          7 download.jpeg


          Now if we go to download folder ,the file is still there.


          10 download.png


          Let us know if you face any issue while following this .