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    NetConnection and NetStream  questions

      Question 1:
      We know that sendStream.peerStreams is an array of the subscriber-netstreams listening to your outgoing stream.
      Is there a similar array storing all the streams that your NetConnection object is subscribed to or do I have to create it myself?

      Question 2:
      Is there a way for the owner of the outgoing stream to kick a subscriber from being subscribed to the stream or do I have to send a message to the subscriber to get him to close his receiving stream from his side?
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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee
          for 1: i don't believe that there's such an array. you can/should keep that yourself in ActionScript. since you have to issue a .play() on them anyway, that seems like a good point to store the NetStream in a convenient spot to keep track of it.

          for 2: you should be able to use the .close() method on an individual subscriber stream to close just that one subscriber from the publishing side.