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    Disappearing Map Pins




      I just got back from a trip and am attempting to manually set location pins for the various places I visited in the Lightroom Map module. I identify a location on the map and then drag the selected images from the film strip to the location. It seems to work - but when I revisit the map, the pins have disappeared. I would like all the pins (with linked images) that I have placed on my map to appear whenever I open the map (e.g. when I view the U.S. all my U. S. location pins will appear) without having to type in a name of a particular location so that I can just click on any of the pre-populated pins and see the images for that location.


      I have also tried using the Saved Locations panel, but after I create a location, drag images to it, and then move on to another saved location, the number of images listed to the right of the previous location goes to zero.


      I'm sure that there is a step (or two) that I am missing.


      Thanks for your help.