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    Slide project

      I hired a coder to create an online education course for me. It was created from my supplied MS powerpoint presentation. It is based in .asp, with the "content" shown in Flash. I have obtained Studio 8, and have opened the Flash projects. However in the Flash portion, as per my request, he installed a "countdown display" of each slides individual timing, with the "next" button not appearing until the "countdown" has completed.
      I cannot access this function in Flash editing, and believe that it must be installed using another method?

      Can anybody HELP ME????
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          set a delay to hold each slide until you want it to move forward after a set amount of seconds
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            PepperKev Level 1
            Question 1; Are you opening the fla file or the swf file?
            Question 2; Do you have experience with Actionscript?

            I don't know how experienced you are with Flash, but in case you aren't experienced, look at the timeline. find the little dots that represent keyframes. See if any of them have a little "a" above them. Right click on the keframe and check "actions." The actionscript window will appear and you will see the script associated with the keyframe. I'm betting that's where your countdown code is.

            Chances are, there's an invisible dynamic text box that the countdown numbers appear in on the stage. If you find an empty text box on the stage where your countdown usually is, click on it once, and look in the properties pane. In the top left corner of the properties pane you'll see a pull down menu that probably says "dynamic text." Immediately below it is the instance name that the code refers to. The instance name is given by the programmer, so it could be almost anything, but chances are it will somehow be reminiscent of what it is describing. It will also be included in the code where the programmer wants to refer to it.

            So I'm not going to guess at the code thats there, but chances are, what it does is, counts down, directs the appropriate numbers to appear in the dynamic text box, and at the end of the countdown, it makes the "next" button visible.

            So, if you can find this script attached to a frame and post it, someone can help you understand what it means, and maybe, how to make changes to it.