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    Lightroom crashes 15 seconds after loading


      I must say, since I got lightroom cc I've been horribly unimpressed.  Im glad I have some new features, but the performance is mickey mouse.  Constantly having to alt tab or switch programs for the freeze to fix itself...really????  Thats a troubleshooting technique??


      I never had crashing problems on older versions, now I never know whats going to cause PS or LR to crash...


      Whats worse, is now I CANT EVEN RUN THE PROGRAM FOR 1 MINUTE BEFORE IT FREEZES.  I shut my brand new imac off for the night, woke up and when I try and start LR it freezes after maybe 15 seconds.


      I updated to 2015.6 this morning after about 3 crashes, still the same issues persist.


      I cant believe I'm paying for this....what professional in their right mind would pay for such an inconsistent service.



      As you can tell I'm in a bad mood, thank you very much Adobe.  I cant work anymore because I cant access my library.


      What am I missing, Ive seen people talk about installing older versions but this seems ridiculous to have to do, how can I make someone accountable for this awful software they've tricked me into thinking I should have.