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    (XPSP2) Projector will not load

      I didn't create this projector exe.
      I don't have access to the person that did.
      I don't have access to Director.

      Laptop it will not open on is running XP SP2, will not load from the cd, will not load from the local hdd, will not load from network drive. The files appear to be all extracted to the temp dir like on the other 3 laptops I've tried this on.... other 3 laptops work from the cd/hdd/network.

      This was made with Director 8.5 (according the file attributes)

      What Happens: it goes full screen and is black, just sits there nothing happens.
      The other laptops you start the exe and the black fullscreen appears then 2-3secs the intro runs. This projector is 9.4 meg, pretty small...
      There are no error messages, I have to alt+tab and bring up the task manager and end process... I wish there was an error message so i coud then try and fix this...

      I've reinstalled falsh & shockwave, this has made no change.

      Help please!