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    Missing folders from Folders column


      In Lightroom 4.4 I have a number of folders missing in the catalog column, but they are present in destination column when importing and are on hard drive. Why don't they show up in Folders column? And, how can I get them to show up in Folders column?

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi Wards,


          Did you try to import the folder from hard drive using the "Add" option?

          Also please make sure that all the panels in folder are expanded.




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            wards53761232 Level 1

            No, I wasn't sure what to do. I was thinking of reimporting them, but that didn't make sense, since they exist in the other views.

            The folders missing are subfolders of a another folder. What "add" option are you referring to?

            By the way, do you know why it would happen in the first place?

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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              The only folders that show up in the Library module Folders list are folder you have imported images from.


              Click the Import button and in the Import dialog window on the left hand side, the Source side, select those folders to see if there are any images in them then Import them into the catalog.


              LR is not a File Manager. It doesn't display all the folders that are on your drive (drives). Only folders that images have been import from show up in that area.


              Yes they will show up as a Destination location when you are importing, copying, images from a camera memory card or in the Source area, left hand side, so you can Add images from those folder to the LR catalog.

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                My problem is that the folders do not show up in the catalogue even right after import.  Following your add procedure allows me to go to the harddrive and see the folders in question, but does not allow me to add them the "import" is blanked out.  So what do I do now?  And more important how do I avoid this issue in the future.  It is happening every time I import photos from my camera card at this time.

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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  Please post a screen shot of your File Manager showing the location of the folder in question that has the images along with showing the Full Path to it and of the LR Library module showing the Folders area, right side column.


                  If when you are in the Import dialog and you select that folder if the images are grayed out and the import button isn't active then LR sees those images as already in the catalog.


                  What I mean by the Full Path is the Drive Letter or Name, the top level folder and any/all subfolders. Like this.




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                    mkinney Level 1


                    Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. As the thread suggested, I am using a Macbook Pro and OS X El Capitan 10.11.5. findermissingphotopathcolumns.jpglightroomtopofdirectory.jpglightroomdirectory2nd.jpglightroomdirectoryshowsubfolders.jpg I think I now see the person/pic icon for inserting the photos and will do.  Since posting and from seeing what questions you have posed, I think this issue relates to how many levels each import requires.  I don't see how to get rid of the 2016 folder, for instance.  Anyway, for explanation, the path photo included shows the last several levels on the EXTERNAL hard drive I am using, and the total path is at the bottom of the picture.  The three following photos show the Lightroom library directory.  That shows how Lightroom is introducing all of the photos I direct to a directory, to "2016" instead.which leaves me with many "2016" directories.  I would love to get rid of all of that.


                    I welcome your suggestions how i can make this much easier in the future.


                    Thanks for your help.

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                      Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                      It is hard to decipher your LR screen shot because you don't have the option to Show Parent folder enabled.


                      Like this from a Windows computer.



                      It shows the drive letter (on a Mac it would show the drive name) then the top level folder then the subfolder then a second subfolder which is the date the image was taken.

                      In your screen shot of the Finder window it shows the path as "marks photos > MyLightroomPhotos > 2016 > pipics2016 > pihacutting >  2016 > June 19".

                      I see nothing like that in your screen shot of the Folders area in LR. Only the lowest subfolder.


                      Mac's can be funny in this respect. I have seen a few posts about problems like this. As I haven't used a Mac in a few years and I always show the Parent folder (and my path was never as long as yours) I'm at the end of my knowledge.


                      Are you sure there isn't multiple 2016 folders someplace on your drive.


                      I suggest you rethink your folder naming and the path to your pictures in the future.

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                        wards53761232 Level 1

                        The missing folders I initially posted about are sub folders of an original folder created as a folder within the catalog. I then created new folders within the original folder as I imported new images. So, what I want to know is what happened to the folders I once created and were at one time visible and accessible to see and manipulate the images, that are now not visible in the LR list of folders within the catalog, even though they are visible in the destination list of folder during importing? Since the folders were visible before why would they 'disappear' so to speak. And, what's the best way to get them back, as before, without creating duplicates and such? I would think that if they were created once, shouldn't have to reimport the folders from the hard drive.

                        Thanks all for your help!


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                          mkinney Level 1

                          I looked in LR to see how to activate the parent folder, and finally found it by using control click.  When I did so, what I see is shown in the photos I took.  It does help me to see the highest levels of parentage, but the column is not wide enough to show very much of it.  Not sure what to do next.


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