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    Unable to Upgrade Catalog


      I have at present Lightroom 3.6 64bit on a windows 7 PC.  I just bought and installed Lightroom 6.  Before Lightroom 6 launches it requires me to upgrade my catalog.  I click on the upgrade button and after 10 minutes of grinding away it gives me this message 'Unable to Upgrade Catalog'. 'Lightroom encountered problems when trying to update the format of the catalog file and cannot use this catalog in this version of Lightroom.' Then you exit the dialogue box and Lightroom 6 fails to launch. Does anyone have a fix for this?  It's absolutely useless to not have your lrcat information up-gradable.    Thanks.

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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi Andrewf,


          Did you try to upgrade any other catalog apart from the one that is giving you the error?

          Also if the above does not work, launch Lightroom 6, and then click on File>Open Catalog and select the catalog of Lightroom 3.6




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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Have you updated LR6.0 to the latest version 6.6? If not, go to the help menu in LR6 and check for updates. Then try the catalog conversion again.


            Otherwise you may need to export the entire LR3 catalog and then import it into an empty LR6 catalog. But it could take time to re-build all the previews, depending on catalog size. You would probably also need to re-create Publish services if any although regular collections will import.

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              andrewf93221424 Level 1

              Thanks for the tips.  I upgraded to LR 6.6 then I launched LR clicked on File>Open recent and selected my old catalog.  It worked!  So probably both tips helped for this problem.


              Much appreciated to both responses :-)