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    How to upgrade HDD without disrupting ongoing PrPro projects?

    Igor Valentovitch Level 1


      May I ask you for assistance in resolving the following
      matter? I would like to upgrade one of the HDDs of my video-editing platform
      (i7, 12GB RAM, Win7, Adobe CS5) without jeopardizing the completion of ongoing projects.
      I have 4 dedicated HDDs: #1 for OS; #2 for Raw media files; #3 for Adobe scratch
      files; #4 for saving output (rendered) files.


      HDD #2 (raw media files drive) is approaching its capacity and
      needs to be upgraded. This is a Western Digital (Black series) 1TB HDD and I
      want to replace it with WD 4TB SATAIII drive.


      I have many PrPro projects, which are unfinished and I don’t
      want this HDD upgrade to jeopardise them (i.e. PrPro not being able to locate
      files from ongoing projects etc.).


      My question is: how should HDD upgrade be done properly
      without causing any damage to ongoing projects? Will it suffice to simply
      swap the old drive with the new one, and copy all the files from the former to
      the latter?


      Thank you!