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    Lightroom Slideshow - Images not appearing while the slideshow is playing.




      Current configuration:

      • Camera Setup
        1. Nikon D610 using wireless SD card (Eye fi - see ii.)
        2. Eye fi Card to transfer the files to the computer as tethering is out the question until the issue is resolved between Adobe and Apple.
      • Lightroom Setup
        1. Images are Auto Imported into my Lightroom Catalogue with a development preset.
        2. RAW files are keyword on import so Lightroom can add them to a Smart Collection.
        3. Slideshow Module is setup to play on second monitor without interfering on the primary display.
      • Monitor Setup
        1. Main monitor (Grid View) which is the main computer with the software.
        2. Secondary monitor connect wirelessly, preset to play slideshow only.


      Im in the process of building a Photo Booth and I'm having issues with the slideshow module. Ive got the camera and the import setup working without any problems but when Lightroom has processed the images they just sit in the filmstrip or the Smart Collection. I know Lightroom can play a slideshow and simultaneously update the current with the new images being imported but i cannot get it to work correct, Ive tested different ways and even just using my primary display to show the slideshow. Ive refined the setting by selecting "All Photographs" and that still doe not working.


      Has anyone got any thoughts or found a work around to a similar issue?


      I would like to thank you in advance for your help and comments.