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    3D Camera tool problem


      Okay so i am currently working on a HP Pavilion Notebook, x64 bit based pc, Intel (R) core(TM) i7-5500 CPU @ 2.40GHz, 8 GB Ram.

      Now im working on a gaming montage of sorts and i currently have done alot of the work of the montage in premier pro, things such as trimming clips, placing audio and sound effects, syncing audio etc. Im happy with it so far. The problem is im not entirely sure how to use after effects and am following a youtube video on how they did their gaming montage, the instructor clicked on a clip in the sequence in premier pro, selected "Replace with New After Effects Comp" and from there it opened up after effects cc2015. I did the same successfully, but when he tracked the camera and after it solved he had a whole heap of points on his clip whereas im stuck with a "3D camera tracker: Layer size must match composition and use default transform values" error. Ive surfed the net for "fixes" but none have seemed to work and some have caused even more problems. Any suggestions on how i can get around this? Any help would be appreciated.

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          Impossible to tell. Your post is way too generic and from specific bugs/ issues with DynamicLink to doing stupid things like cropping footage this could be anything. All the same, gaming footage is not by a stretch ideal to begin with for 3D tracking due to spatial inconsistencies and well, no offense, if you have to stare at tutorials to work with AE because you've never used it before then perhaps you should forego such stuff. For anything else screenshots and exact info about comp sizes etc. might be a good beginning...



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            Hanthala Level 1

            Ouch, that hurt.

            Okay, so here is a link of the tutorial im currently following;

            How To Over-Edit League of Legends Step By Step! (EASY) - YouTube

            now everything after 10 minutes is what im having problems with.

            Ive actually gotten the camera tracker tool to work by pre-rendering all my clips and then creating a new After Effects project and from there importing and editing the clips one by one, it will take a long time to get through it but im determined . ill eventually head back to premiere pro and replace all my clips with the edited version. The reason im doing it like this is because 1. The camera tracker tool is not working for me when i create a dynamic link between the two cc 2015 applications and 2. it literally takes hours for the camera tracker tool to finish analyzing and then ends up with the error as stated above, i suspect this is due to either my laptop being crap or there is alot of trimmed clips to go through.

            ive completed compiling all my clips in premiere pro including the audio but specifically in the clips there is a watermark/brand name at the top that when i was recording the footage i ignored, its kinda annoying and i thought i would be able to remove it in after effects which i can via motion tracking it and applying a masked null object it to cover it (and yes i was able to do this by playing/pausing/rewinding a youtube tutorial). The problem with that is i wish to change in the footage, the sky, with an image from google as is done in the tutorial. i don't know how to include the motion tracked, masked logo section to be included in the 3D layered image i imported. Any help would be appreciated.


            after effects problem.PNGCapture.PNG