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    GPU acceleration stopped working in Lightroom 6



      I’ve got a very strange problem, recently my gpu acceleration stopped working in Lightroom and all photos are black in Develop tab:



      I’ve got laptop Lenovo Y580 with i7 cpu and Nividia Optimus (Intel 4000 + GeForce 660m) and running Windows 10 x64. So for a long time my GeForce 660m was the default GPU and was accelerating my work in Lightroom. But smth changed recently and now I’ve got black pictures.


      I’ve tried to update Lightroom from 6.1 to 6.6, didn’t help.

      I’ve tried to update GeForce driver to 368.39, didn’t help.

      I even tried to revert driver to an old one - 361.75, still the same story.


      So for now I have to work in Lightroom on Intel 4000 or disable GPU acceleration at all.