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    Hyperlinks created as "web links" instead of "open a file"




      I'm using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended and Office 2013. I use macros in Word to create large lists and indices as hyperlinks that point to external pdf files. After I convert these word files to pdf, the link actions are created as an "Open a Web Link"-action but I want them to be created as an "Open a File" action. The reason is that the first type of links opens the files in a new window, while "open a file" opens them in the same window, which is what I want.


      I downloaded also a plugin for Adobe Acrobat that handles links and bookmarks and I can change manually the actions to the desired one, but this is impossible since I have more than 400 links. In the past I was following the same procedure with Office 2007 and the same acrobat version or even Acrobat 8 and I did't have this problem.


      So either with the new office conversion messes up the hyperlink actions, or perhaps Acrobat 9 does this somehow by default.


      Is there a way to change via a batch the action type of my links directly in the Acrobat?

      If not, are you aware of what might be wrong on the Office side?


      Thanks and regards