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    Owning Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC

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      Is it redundant to buy both Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6? When I travel I often have difficulty accessing the Internet. I understand I can work offline for up to 30 days without accessing the internet, so that Adobe can check to see if my account is current. Furthermore, since I have purchased both and downloaded accordingly, I expected to be able to see both Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 in my list of applications and use them both, but whenever I try to access Lightroom 6, I get Lightroom CC. while my account documents that I have purchased and downloaded Lightroom 6, all I can find is Lightroom CC. I have a MacBook Pro with OX S Yosemite.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          LR 6 and LR CC area exactly the same program. Same files get installed on your drive no matter what/which version you install.


          Here is how the 2 versions are separated.


          The difference comes from how you sign in to LR.


          If you use an Adobe ID that is, or has ever been, associated with the Photographers subscription plan (even if the subscription has ended) then it becomes the CC version.


          If you sign in with an Adobe ID that is NOT, and never has been, associated with a subscription plan then the program becomes the 6 version


          So you need to have 2 separate Adobe ID's to have both the CC and the 6 version active. You can't do that on one computer at the same time.


          But if you have 2 separate Adobe ID's you can Sign Out with one and Sign in with the other. That would switch LR from CC to 6 or 6 to CC. Depending on which one you used to sign out of and sign back in with, subscription ID or No subscription ID.


          I have both. Don't ask my why because in the end I don't really know why I bought the 6 version upgrade. I already had a subscription.

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