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    moving things

      Hi there, I'm using Flash MX, and I got four circular buttons side by side. And when rolled over one, others move aside. I can make this using motion tweeds and stuff. But Just to reduce the movie size and make the controls easier I'd love to do the same thing using action scripts. I got too many layers and frames and that I do not want. I hope I could be clear enough. Can help?
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            how comfortable are you with scripting?
            scripting sometimes make stuff more complicated but there's always the advantage of total control

            if you're new, you can start cracking at the properties, _x, _y, _width, _height
            once familiar, move onto other properties and check them out yourself.
            don't be afraid to make gazillion of files to test each property

            and make use of the flash help file. all programmers know their F1