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    Disable 3 & 4 finger reset


      As described by Phonegap:

      • a 3-finger tap will go to the home page
      • a 4-finger tap will force the app to update

      I don't want this functionality at all. Prior to updating Phonegap Desktop to the latest version, I was able to disable this behavior by intercepting and cancelling the relevant events when they reached the <body>. This strategy is no longer working with the new Phonegap Desktop version. I'm not sure why updating Phonegap Desktop would affect this (I would think updating Phonegap Developer would be more likely to cause this problem), but here I am.


      What's the best way to disable the multi-finger reset behavior?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Why do you want to disable these gestures? They are incredibly useful for development purposes. PG Developer is not intended for production deployment.


          I'm not sure why changing the desktop version would make a difference though. You've made no other changes to your app's configuration?


          Also you might double check to see if your developer app hasn't updated automatically -- I'm not sure what platform you're running on, but on my iOS devices, I have the apps configured to auto-update. Unfortunately, I don't see a great way to figure out the installed version of PG Developer. :-(

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            josephw97627228 Level 1

            Hi, thanks for the response.


            I totally disagree about their usefulness, as PG Developer resets when you change a file. It seems like a no-brainer to me that having superfluous touch events could produce unintended behavior, as it did in my case: I went through a period of time (through multiple updates to PG Developer and PG Desktop) during which either a) My app, or b) PG Developer, itself, would crash. This was always instigated by touch, and my previously mentioned strategy for solving the problem worked beautifully until now.


            Honestly, when developing for mobile devices on which every interaction depends on smooth handling of touch events, particularly considering that Phonegap is obviously less performant than native apps, it's perplexing to me that Phonegap would think it's a good idea to add unnecessary overhead to touch gestures. Weird.


            Yes, it's entirely possible that PG Developer auto-updated, causing the change I'm seeing.


            Thanks for the help!