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    Building a Well Balanced Editing/ Composting Computer?!?

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      Here is the dilemma I have.  I am building my first customer Desktop to use for editing videos, using After Effects for small VFX work, Muse for web design and Photo Shop.  So I have already bought the Case,and the motherboard.  My question is my board supports 4 DIMM Ram. I was battling between 32 gb and 64. Is it worth going to 64 gb for any real reason?  Also do I us 2 slots or use all 4? Which is better for the type of work I am doing? I plan on getting the GTX 1070 Nvidia just released for GPU.


      The rest of my build is as follows:

      i7-6700K Processor

      32gb or 64gb DDR4 ram 2133 or 2400

      cx750m PSU Corsair

      Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU

      Corsair liquid cooler h100i

      ASUS Maximus viii Gene M-ATX

      Thermaltake Element V Case Full Tower

      480gb SSD for operating an Adobe suite cc2015

      240Gb SSD for Cache files

      2 x 2tb 7200 drives ( maybe raid)


      Suggestions and feed back needed. Only want to build once...well for atleast 2 years.lol


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