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    Fixed-layout ignores bleed settings

    cecile miramont

      Hi all,

      I've just tried converting my (print) book to ePub 3 fixed layout, and I've hit a serious roadblock : my inDesign document being set up for printing, it has many full-page photos, or photos that bleed to one side or another. The problem is, inDesign doesn't crop those objects to the actual document limits, so the result is, some objects extend outside the document, which means the page is displayed (in iBooks, which is the platform I'm currently targeting) with scroll bars !


      As a work-around, I would have to go back to every page and resize all photos to stay within the document limits. As far as I'm concerned that's a blocking issue. Do you have another work-around to propose, and can you add this to the bug list so that it is fixed in a future release ?




      PS: other than that, kudos for the awesome job you did to export to epub 3 !