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    Croatian subset


      Is there any way to use croatian character "đ" and "Đ" without turning on "All Characters" in the Character set options? Or perhaps defining custom character subset?


      Specifically I'm using Aktiv Grotesk fontface and tried switching on Czech, Polish and Slovenian subsets however none of them have characters "đ" and "Đ" inside.

      My main concern is kit size - with all characters included it's 1100kb and with Czech, Polish and Slovenian characters 354kb, so it's significat difference.



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          Liz, Typekit Support Adobe Employee

          Hi pozda,


          For Aktiv Grotesk, you do need to enable the All Characters set to include đ and Đ in your kit.


          The only subset which includes these characters at the moment is Vietnamese:

          Typekit Help | Language support and subsetting


          Unfortunately, Aktiv Grotesk doesn't have full Vietnamese language support, so you won't have that option in the kit editor.  If you are trying out other fonts, though, look for the Vietnamese checkbox under "Language Subsetting" as way to include đ and Đ with a smaller overall kit.


          I'm also adding this to the request list, so that we remember to look at including Croatian the next time we expand the language subsetting filters.


          I hope that this helps; let me know if you have any other questions!

          -- liz

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            mihaeltomic Level 1

            That pretty much answers it. Hopefully the support for Croatian will be coming soon.

            Thanks Liz!