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    AME CC 2015 not using my NVIDIA K6000 GPU


      So I'm using AME to export multilayered AE comps. I have the renderer within AME set to "Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA)" but during my exports the GPU is not being used at all (monitoring the NVIDIA GPU Utilization tool to confirm). To be honest since installing this GPU recently I haven't seen any obvious improvement in performance in any of the Adobe products I'm using (AME, AE & PR).


      Please can someone either explain if there is anything obvious that is commonly missed with regards setting up the software for a performance GPU & perhaps even a little information with regards the workflow of AE/AME when it comes to utilising the hardware (CPU/RAM/GPU) for RAM previews (AE), playing back timelines (PR) & exporting out of AE & PR?


      I have no doubt this has been touched on or covered comprehensively elsewhere within the forums but I'm struggling to come up with answers.