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    widget@android-packageName doesn't work

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      I'm trying to use a package name for android different than widget@id.

      I've tested on PGB with widget@android-packageName as recommended on stackoverflow but didn't work. When I submit my app to google play it was rejected because use the wrong package name.

      I've found this attribute on cordova-lib github config.xml for test: cordova-lib/test-config.xml at master · apache/cordova-lib · GitHub , then I suppose it worked, but it doesn't appears on doc: Config.xml - Apache Cordova


      Please could you tell me how can I customize the android package through config.xml.



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          The "android-packageName" tag works well when building a local project with Cordova (remove and add the android platform).

          You can use this method to build an Android version with the wanted package name and then you can generate an apk file using Android Studio.


          It seems that currently PhoneGap build doesn't take into account this tag.

          Does anybody have more information about this tag in PhoneGap build ?