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    No more auto-scroll during audio recording

      In CP3 when you recorded audio, the thumbnails and main editing window would keep pace with the slide you were narrating. In CP4 this has been removed. When set to This Slide, the same slide stays visible at all times, even after you click the -> arrow to record audio for the next slide. Once you get past the first slide, you have no idea which slide you are on.

      The option for recording audio for the whole project is not a good replacement. With this, each slide goes thorugh its motions in the little window, fading to invisible when the slide is done, even if you are not done speaking. Now, the video window is blank, the main window and thumbnail are still at the first slide, so again you have no reference of what to say. In addition, to continue to the next slide you need to mouse-click several boxes. That may seem minor, but the end result is a loss of continuity during recording.

      Anyone else?