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    Can't open AI Graphics in Library to edit in AI--AE says to update AI to latest version?

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      I'm working on a Mac running OSX 10.11.5.

      Using Adobe CC for After Effects and Illustrator, and both are current as far as updates.


      I am very green when it comes to AE and have been slowly trying to figure it out on my own. I am using it currently to create some fairly basic animations to be exported as animated GIFs, and things have been going relatively smoothly. I've been using Libraries to keep all the pieces of the animation organized, but I've never used Libraries before this and am not 100% familiar with its capabilities and limitations. They are vector graphics created in Illustrator that I then included in my Library as Graphics. No problems doing that initially, and am able to drag them onto my Comp, all working as expected.


      I did this so that if I had to adjust any of the graphics I'm using, it would simply be a matter of opening the Library Graphic, making my adjustments, saving and voila, updated element in my AE file. I can almost swear that I did this once already with one of my Graphics with no problem, but now every time I double click or right click>edit a Graphic in my Library pane, AE pops up with this message (no error #):


      "To edit this item, please update Illustrator to the latest version. If you were trying to place the item, you can do so by dragging it into an open document."


      I made sure all of my adobe programs are updated, so I don't know what the issue is. Am I just trying to do something that's not possible? I'm frustrated because I have a distinct memory of doing exactly what I wanted once before--I double-clicked a Graphic, it opened up in AI similar to the way Vector Smart Objects work with Photoshop, saved it, and it was updated in my AE file.


      Any tips are warmly welcomed, thanks guys.

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          So, oddly enough, I seem to have corrected my own problem, but I don't understand how/why.


          I double-clicked a Graphic from the same Library, but this time from within Illustrator (before I was doing so from within AE). It opened the file in a new AI window, I made my changes, and saved the graphic. Just for curiosity's sake, I then went back into AE and tried double-clicking the same Graphic I'd been trying to edit originally, and this time it opened up in AI as I was intending. I checked all the other Graphics, and they all open in AI fine now.