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    I exported a "folder as catalog" for some editing on a second computer. Now, how to bring back safely?


      I needed to edit about 700 of my photos, normally on my workshop computer, at my office in a different location. This is the first time I've tried anything like this, because I've been a bit fearful of screwing something up. I have LR 6.6 at the workshop; LR CC at the office, on Macs of different generations. I exported only the needed folder as a catalog, to an external portable HD, along with copies of the neg files and all available previews---perhaps unfortunately, I hadn't made Smart Previews. 


      At the office, I copied the entire folder from the external HD to the computer desktop (thinking performance might be a bit faster this way), navigated to the catalog on the desktop and performed the needed edits. (Note: I don't believe I specifically "imported" this catalog into the office computer, unless that happened automatically without my being aware. I hope this wasn't a big mistake.) When the work was done, I copied the catalog folder back to external HD for transport to the workshop, replacing the earlier with the latest version. Back at the workshop, I can navigate to this temporary mini-catalog, and see all my recent edits done at the office.


      Now, I want to merge this freshly-edited catalog back into my main LR catalog at the workshop, hopefully so that the workshop catalog looks just as it would if I had done the edits there. I'm not certain of the exact import procedure I should use here. Can someone guide me?