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    Using PhoneGap Build to produce updated version of existing iOS app

    D Dawg

      I'm not an expert at using PhoneGap and I have no experience using PhoneGap Build, but I have an existing iOS app that was created/updated using PhoneGap/Cordova (3.3.0) 2 years ago.


      There is a hyperlink in the app to an external website and that link needs to be updated asap. After changing the outdated hyperlink in the index.html file, would I be able to upload the contents of the existing www folder (last updated 2 years ago) to PhoneGap Build without any additional modifications?


      I plan to make more significant updates to the app later this month and want to learn more about PhoneGap and the available features, but for the moment, I need to try to update the soon-to-be broken link as quickly as possible.


      Thanks for your help