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    same form fields for all signed documents


      We are wanting to have people electronically sign all the invoices we have. When signing through they need to enter the account, cost center, and the division that is needed for accounting. We want them to fill these in as simple text fields, before sending.


      We can do this on an individual bases where the person sending the invoice goes in adds 3 text fields make them required and then sends for signature. The problem though is the staff has to do this a few hundred times a week. It's just too labor costly.


      We looked at doing a merger between a document with this setup and the invoice but it adds a page to the invoice, which has to be printed out and put into file storage, so we try to keep paper and print costs down. So the addition of an extra page doesn't work well.


      It would be nice if a sort of custom control / stamp could be created where the accountant dragged it onto the invoice, it would have the 3 fields needed, and then get sent off for signature.


      Any thoughts?

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          This is the type of thing that a custom dynamic stamp is great for. When the user selects and applies the stamp, it can prompt the user for the information (account, cost center, division). Here's a screen shot of the prompt dialog and the resulting stamp for something similar to what you want:


          This is what the custom dialog looks like:



          This is what the stamp looks like:




          The problem is setting this up requires some expertise. Some specialized JavaScript is used for the custom dialog and for setting the field values in the stamp. I'd recommend that you find someone to do this for you, at least for your first stamp.