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    Problems linking to Word document

      I wrote this as a reply to a similar post last week but I'm afraid it got buried in the thread...part of Rick's response to that poster was: "2. If you are linking to Word or .PDF documents, there is a slight chance you will find the link actually fails for some reason. Yet, if you simply place focus in the address bar of your browser and press Enter to refresh, the document loads right up. Go figure. If that begins happening, let us know and there is a possible workaround for you."

      That is the problem I'm having--can you share the workaround you mention? It happens most--but not all--of the time, and only with the Word documents; my PDFs and web links open with no problem. The documents are housed on a public website. I am using Captivate 3 if that matters.

      Thank you for any help you can offer!
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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Julie

          Here's how it's done.

          From inside Captivate 3, click File > Record/Create > MenuBuilder Project.
          Choose the Blank Project type and click OK.
          Click Options > Project Options...
          Configure the width and height to the smallest possible values. This will be 320 wide and 200 tall.
          Click OK.
          Click Insert > Clickbox.
          Type the file name of the Word document or PDF and ensure you click to place a check mark in the "Save file with project" check box.
          Click OK and you should see a dialog asking if you want to browse for the file. Click No.
          Size the Clickbox so it covers the entire project area.
          Click File > Export.
          Save the project using any name you like. I frequently do this and just use "Untitled" as that's what it suggests.
          Choose Flash Movie as the type of project and click Next >.
          Type a name to identify the .SWF and choose an easy to remember location. I often use the Desktop.
          Click Finish.
          Close MenuBuilder. You are finished with that (unless you wish to create more of these)
          In Captivate on the slide where you want the user to click to open the document or PDF, click Insert > Animation.
          Browse to the location where you exported the Menubuilder file and select it.

          What you are doing is creating a MenuBuilder output to drop into a Captivate project to open files. I'm not sure why or how it's different than the way Captivate works, but different it is.

          Hopefully this helps you out... Rick