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    Cannot Open Some Recent Catalogues


      I am not able to open some of my recent Lightroom5 catalogues. I have an Imac computer and have been using Lightroom for years and never encountered this problem before. This is the message that I get: "The Lightroom catalog named “Patricia Lynn Laas_KFusion w:Corinne_LR” cannot be opened because another application already has it opened. Quit the other copy of Lightroom before trying to launch." I don't have any other applications opened (checked also in the "Force Quit" box), nor another copy of Lightroom open.


      I did update to a new harddrive recently and opened other catalogues stored in the new harddrive. However I am using the older harddrive where I stored the catalogue that I am trying to access in LR, so this should not be an issue and I've done this over the years as I have older catalogues on other harddrives too. I am trying to access this catalogue as I have already culled and edited the images in the LR catalogue. A mystery for me. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?