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    Lightroom Images could not be found after being imported


      My Lightroom has stopped functioning and I have some serious jobs coming in the next few days. I import my photos from the card and they now load extremely pixelated and blurry. Although they show this way in the Library, each photo says that the original file could not be found (even after the import looked normal). I'm not a computer scientist but a struggling freelance photographer who needs reliability or my name will be mud and I will not be able to get work to pay my bills. I don't know what has suddenly happened and how I should correct it.  There is nothing wrong with my camera. I have the Lightroom that was loaded from the purchased disc and not from CC. I did recently try the trial of Photoshop CC that I believe also came with Lightroom CC trial and has now expired. Could that have messed up my existing Lightroom somehow? Should I save my previously unaffected photos in Lightroom to my external drive and uninstall Lightroom to then order the CC version (more money I don't need to spend after purchasing the physical version to the tune of around $145 dollars). I need to get this problem corrected ASAP. Any help is appreciated!