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    Problem with everything basically


      Good Morning and or Good afternoon, depending on which part of the world that you're living in at the time that you received this message. Sow with that being said, as you can very well see that I have several questions that I need an answer too, so any help would be greatly appreciated without me having to change forums and all of that, sow I hope that I can get some answers here.


      Okay, I am on Mixamo and I have come up with my own characters and so forth, however, one of the issues that I am having is, how do I get the facial expression to work with my characters. And before you tell me that I need to use Fuse, I already read that information on that and I was wondering is there another program that I can use instead of Fuse to get my character do facial expression, like lip movement, eye movement, etc.


      And secondly, how can I get the characters uploaded into a different program so that I can download it into a like a movie for an example? Is there like some embedded code or something that I have to use?


      Because I've checked with Dreamweaver, which isn't much help and Animate is about the same as Dreamweaver, the only other concept that I have is Fuse, like I said, any help will be greatly appreciated especially if I don't have to go to another forum to say the same thing over again?


      And with that being said, can anyone help me with trying to upload the characters that I have created up to something like Moviemaker?


      Best Regards;