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    Accuracy of Lightroom CC 2015.6 Slideshow preview/play.  What am I doing wrong?

    D3m0n.Rider Level 1

      I've been having trouble finding anyone else asking this in the forums so I suspect its something I'm doing wrong, so any help would be appreciated.


      I've been going through the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5: Classroom in a book from Adobe Press, and I was working in the SlideShow chapter when I noticed putting a border and a dropshadow on the images looks just fine in the Slideshow module, but as soon as I hit Preview or Play to see it full screen, I get horrible results.  I would find this difficult at best to produce slideshows if this were always the case.  Please see my screenshots of the module version and during a playback and maybe give me pointers on what I'm doing wrong.


      The only issue I can see is that I have a super high resolution screen, but I can't figure out why it doesn't look as bad in the module as it does during playback.


      One thing to note... if I export the slideshow as a movie using a smaller resolution, the output seems to be fine - but as I said, this is really difficult to predict.


      Thanks in advance


      Setup In Slideshow ModuleClicking 'Preview'