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    Windows 10 app not working

    celsc78529071 Level 1

      I have got a signed build file for windows 10 of my app and side loaded it onto a Lumia 640 LTE for testing, but there are a number of things not working.


      None of the icons or splash screens are showing. The app also opens and then closes really quickly?


      It's using Jquery mobile and html, and is working fine on both android and ios.  Does anyone have any idea what the issues might be?


      Thanks in advance!

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Has it ever worked on the device, say in a debug build?


          Have you been able to get any logs from the device? See Mobile software tracing - Windows 10 hardware dev

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            celsc78529071 Level 1

            I never got it work on the device.  I decided to try and different tack for windows 10 and have switched to using the cordova build in visual studio 2015.


            I've just ported across the html, css, js, images and res files into the project created by visual studio and it seems to be much happier.  I have successfully test deployed it onto the phone I'm using for testing.


            I don't want to spend lots of time making it work in windows and risk breaking it for both android and ios in phonegap build.

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              I have the same problem when I want to launch the app on my desktop W10 PC. It's opening (without icons and splashcreen) then suddenly closed without any error message.


              It is a Phonegap Build appx. I have the certificate install correctly on the PC to deploy side load.


              Moreover, on a tablet Sony Vaio, when I try to deploy the appx (not running, just deploying this time), I have an error in PowerShell saying that my appx package depends on Microsoft.Net.Native.Framework.1.2


              I checked some forums and .Net.Native seems to be install with VS2015 but on the desktop PC, I don't have VS... and the app deploying correctly...


              The tablet has been updated recently to W10 with the free update from Windows Update.



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                reon90 Level 1

                I have the same issue.