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    Raw file transfer from iPad to desktop via Lightroom Mobile now possible?

    robgendreau Level 3

      Take this workflow example: shoot a RAW image with DSLR. Import into iPad via the Camera Connection Kit. Photo is now in Camera Roll; iOS lets you mess with it via a JPEG preview, in essence, but the RAW is still stored there.


      The Lr Mobile fact says you cannot import this image via a synch to the desktop.


      Lr Mobile lets you add images from the camera roll, of course. But I also assumed that meant JPEGs. It seemed to in the past.


      Now, however, I can go into Lr Mobile, select camera roll, choose a RAW image (or I guess technically a JPEG preview of a RAW), and then copy it to a sync collection in Lr. When that collection syncs to the desktop, it syncs the RAW file NOT the JPEG.


      So there is a route from DSLR RAW to iPad RAW to Lr Mobile RAW to Desktop RAW.


      There's a caveat, however, at least on my iPad. Lr Mobile will not see the raw I have imported via CCK unless I open it to edit it in the Photos app. Once I've done that, it becomes visible.


      Am I just late to this or did I miss an announcement or something?