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    Lightroom (Desktop) database will not open - tried other forum answers

    nancyc92159309 Level 1

      My setup

      Windows 10 - laptop old enough to have been originally on Windows 8. 8.1, or 2 whichever was the first real upgrade, required a factory reboot for unknown reason. Upgrade to 10 authorized by my child who wasn't paying attention. Bought Lightroom at Christmas - already on Windows 10. No problems until mid to late May.

      Dell Laptop, touch screen

      Most recent build of Lightroom desktop downloaded.

      ~10,000 photos loaded so far - seems well within limits given that this is designed for pros

      some stacks, but not many

      LOTs of keywords, nested. Couldn't say how many as I don't think it counts.

      family photos from my child's birth through age 10.


      locations - lots of travel in the first few years,

      people - many different people who appear multiple times (family, pre-school, school, sports, scouts, etc)

      large number of old scanned family photos from 19th C and early 20th C

      scanned photos are on network, and the family photos are on the hard drive.

      Catalog is on the local Dell laptop hard drive


      Please don't suggest CC. If this problem is not fixable, I'm more likely to abandon Adobe all together rather than change to "pay forever" mode.


      Symptoms - Adobe's little icon comes up and the work space outlines show, but then the hamster wheel spins and spins, no database ever appears, no error message, just nothing. No photos


      Apologies for shouting in the title, but I've been troubleshooting this for over a week. I've taken steps suggested in the forums (and the usual Microsoft suspects)

      1. Downloading Microsoft Visual C++ (for the missing MSVCR110.dll). Restarting computer.
      2. Rebooting (Microsoft)
      3. Running Lightroom as Administrator. - This did get me to the point of the hamster wheel and seeing menu commands the first time I did this, but the database still never opened. Changed the permissions on the folder too.
      4. Trying to load a backup catalog from a few days before. (I'd do that for any software with a database - I'm ok losing a day of work, but not everything)
      5. Closing Adobe Lightroom, deleting the lrcat.lock from the folder where my catalog lives, restarting.


      It took me the better part of several months to tag the photos that I have done already. I am not a pro, so this is odd moments in the evening catlogging. The tags (key words) are still there when I look at the list of photos in Windows Explorer (the file manager one, not Internet Explorer).


      So questions:

      1. If I were to start over from scratch importing photos, would they get ALL the key words that I have added, only some, depends?
      2. Is there something else people have come up with as a fix for this all too prevalent problem?
      3. Do I need to repeat one of the above steps because they come "undone" like Windows printer settings?
      4. Does anyone know if this is being caused by changes to Microsoft SQL in the background or is it just a bug in Adobe Lightroom? This seems to have been a noted problem in this forum since Lightroom 2/3. What gives?