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    Reader on iPad - Open and save


      When I want to open a pdf file in icloud drive, the way I do it now is to click the "i" on the right, then in the combined preview I click the "share" symbol. From that I find the "copy to Adobe Reader" symbol. The files cannot simply "open" (like shown here: https://forums.adobe.com/servlet/JiveServlet/showImage/102-4722-15-652443/Mail_iPad_3.png)  but on my ipad it says "copy". Is there a way to:


      A: by default when tapping on a pdf file have it open in Adobe Reader and not Preview?

      B: open the file in Adobe Reader and not copy it?


      After the file is opened in Adobe Reader, and say it is a form where I can amend the values, is there a way I can save it in the same location in icloud drive? Now all I can find is the Adobe share symbol and then choose "Save in Document Cloud". And then later manually move each file to the correct folder which is time consuming to say the least.

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          I just figured this one out. ICloud Drive won't let me do this. Dropbox on the other hand you can open Word, Excel, PDF files directly without copying them, amend them, and save directly to the same location. Seems Dropbox is much better at these particular functions....