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    Menu display glitches


      I looked around for a bit but didn't find anything so I decided to post here.


      While trying to edit files, I encountered this weird glitch where all of the menus, toolbars, etc. disappear either completely or get partially cut off. When mousing over where the buttons should be they sometimes reappear but might disappear soon after, and when mousing over object that haven't glitched out they might disappear like the others. So far I've seen this only affecting the ui buttons, the pdf I'm editing or viewing is fine. The weird thing is that this doesn't happen immediately after starting the program, it might work just fine for anything between 1 minute to multiple hours before anything happens. So far the only "fixes" I've found are restarting acrobat which gets rid off it until it just appears again, minimizing the window, or restore down/maximize, or closing the edit tool seems to sometimes sort of fix it (some buttons are still missing and it might just come back immediately). Besides this issue the actual program itself seems to work fine, but using it is kinda hard for obvious reasons. I've tried repairing the install.


      I'm running the 30 day trial version of adobe acrobat on windows 10.


      A couple notes on the picture:

      1. The glitches that you see here are on the tame side, at worst the menus are completely blank.

      2. The tool icon with a colored background that I've circled (top left), this seems to disappear with the editing tool but not when using the other tools. And when changing to for example the commenting tool AFTER this glitch has appeared the icon appears like normal and then when changing back to edit the icon is still missing. Makes me think it's something related to this specific tool? Although I'm not sure how relevant this actually is since I haven't needed other tools so far, so I don't know if this would happen while using the comment tool or something else.

      3. Also ignore the black smudges, no relevant information under there.adobeacrobatglitch.png

      Any ideas?