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    The use of Adobe Stock Pictures on Facebook and Google+


      Hi there


      This question seems to be asked very often, but i never found a clear answer. I need one and i want to respect copyrights.

      So I already was looking for an answer and i found many hints. But no hint was able to define it especially for Facebook or Google+ exactly.


      I had a look on Royalty free images, photos, and graphics | Adobe Stock where social media is mentioned as "allowed unlimited".

      I also looked in the Adobe Stock additional Terms from January 2016 at Point 3.5 (German and English version) - Social Media Use under http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/legal/servicetou/Adobe-Stock-Additional-Ter ms_20160119.pdf .

      So there is a clear answer, that it is allowed to use the pictures with the copyright notice on the Work itself. Ok, that's fine!

      But it also tells me the following sentence (B):

      "...the terms of use governing the Social Media Site do not include any provision which would claim to grant any exclusive rights or ownership in respect of such Work or modified Work to anyone."


      I tried to find out, if Facebook or Google is claiming the exclusive rights. I know, that they have to mention, that they will transport Sub-Rights. But this is up to security reasons between Facebook US and Facebook Irland (for Europe) for example, as i think - but i really don't know it exactly.


      So the questions to you are:

      May I use Pictures for my clients and myself for especially "Facebook" and "Google+" in Notes, Articles and Headlines, if i respect 3.5 (A)?

      Do I have to watch out for any further rules, for example "prohibit shareing" of the articles?

      When you say "You may post or upload an unmodified version", is "resize pictures" also forbidden?


      There is a good blog-article about that case from 2012 (german): Darf man gekaufte Stockfotos bei Facebook posten? Die große Umfrage | Alltag eines Fotoproduzenten .

      Because Adobe Stock was not active in 2012, there are no answers about it, maybe i can send in your Answers afterwards.