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    Corrupt Lightroom 4 Catalog


      I have not been able to open Lightroom at all for the past 4 days because when I click on the icon it immediately gives me the error "The Lightroom catalog 'Lightroom 4 Catalog' is corrupt and cannot be used or backed up until it is repaired."


      It gives me the following options to click:


      1. "See Adobe TechNote" - which takes me to an internet page that cannot be displayed.

      2. "Show in Finder" - which takes me to the folder named "Lightroom 4 Catalog" in my finder, but when I click the folder it takes me right back to error message.

      3. "Quit" - which just closes the error box and still does not let me into Lightroom

      4. "Repair Catalog" - This one takes me to an error screen titled "Temporarily Unable to Repair Corrupt Catalog" in which the error message reads "Lightroom encountered problems reading or writing from disk when attempting to repair 'Lightroom 4 Catalog'. The repair operation may succeed in future attempts. If you wish to try again please first check available disk space and close all other applications."

      **(I tried to clear space in my computer in general by deleting thousands of photos, which didn't help, so I assume it needs me to clear space in LR which I can't get into)


      The new options now listed to click on in this error message are:


      1. "Choose a Different Catalog" - which takes me to a list of all my LR catalogs, which apparently is only just the one because only "Lightroom 4 Catalog.Ircat" is listed, and when I click on it, it takes me back to original error message.

      2. "Show in Finder" - which gives me the same result as #2 above.

      3. "Quit"

      4. "Try Again"- which brings me back to original error message.


      So none of these options let me fix the issue or get back into Lightroom to try to clear space on the catalog. Clearly I guess I have been uploading all my photos from the past two years into the one same catalog in LR this whole time.. I didn't know to do any different but will definitely be researching how to organize my LR files better for the future. Can you help? I am a professional photographer and can't edit any of the shoots I have waiting! Thanks so much!